Cookies & Bats... and woolly hats!

October 24, 2015 0 Comments








Saturday afternoon fun! We made our favourite Hazelnut and Raisin cookies this afternoon and while they were perfecting in the oven we decided to do some make and do with our leftover jar!!

Meet Barry the Bat :)  As winter is setting in we were afraid poor Barry might get cold so we made him a lovely woolly hat too!!

All you need to make another Barry the Bat is 2 sheets of black paper, 2 fake eyes, some white paper and some green felt and a little bauble for the hat top.

Wrap the jar with the first sheet of black paper and glue on. With the second sheet of paper draw out 2 wings and cut out with a scissors. Glue onto the back of the jar. Stick on your 2 eyes and your two triangle shapes cut from white paper.  Using the lid of your jar, measure out your green felt to cover the jar - cut to shape and glue to the lid. Gather the felt at the top and sew at the top to hold together, sew on your bauble also.

And so you have a Bat with a woolly hat :)